Mergers & Acquisitions

Tap into new markets with mergers and acquisitions

Frequently, existing markets are saturated and are characterised by declining profit margins. The pressure to innovate in order remains competitive increases constantly. New approaches and impulses are required in order fulfil the customers' high demands. Hence, tapping into new markets through company acquisitions provides numerous opportunities to be a step ahead of your competitors.


From finding prospective companies through to implementing projects

We support you throughout the entire M&A process. We focus on the systematic search and selection of suitable prospective companies and potential sales objects. We establish confidential first contact with the owners and provide you with the gained information as a basis for decision-making. Thanks to our wide range of expertise and excellent knowledge of the markets, we are able to support you from the beginning of the process right through to the successful completion of the project. We have a national and international network of contacts to companies in the following industries: Machinery and plant engineering, electronics, medical engineering, IT and telecommunications.